About Todd

ToddStevens-picHi! I’m Todd Stevens. Thanks for stopping by.

I’m privileged to be a pastor at Woodside Bible Church in the Greater Detroit area. I previously launched Friendship Community Church in 2006. As we focused on showing God’s love to others, we were blessed to see God use us to reach a growing number of people as the church became one of the fastest growing in the country. My passion is to invite people to take the next step toward God, whatever that next step might be.

My amazing wife, Erin, and I have three ridiculously fun boys between the ages of 16 and 10. Erin and I wrote a book on kindness outreach, which also tells the story of her ministry: Nashville Strip Church.

I enjoy running, but I’m not especially fast, so I subscribe to the tortoise-and-hare approach. I pretend to not be embarrassed when I get passed by walkers. My sons love to work out with me. They’re already faster than me and I’m not looking forward to the day when they are stronger than me, too.

I’m a movie buff and the Lord of the Rings trilogy is my favorite. If you ever want to go catch a movie, just give me a shout. In fact, whether you want to talk about movies, Scripture, or anything else, you can contact me through this form or on social media:

Facebook: Todd.Stevens

Twitter: WoodsideTodd

Instagram: WoodsideTodd